Tim Houterloot – Broker/Realtor

Improvements To Your Home For Less

Source: zen.homezada.com | Re-Post Houterloot 8/17/2016 – 

Ever find spare change lying around you houses, either in drawers or behind cushions? When all these coins and loose change add up, think about how you can use it for some last minute and affordable (really affordable) home improvements. Maybe your home improvement projects are a bit more than your spare change, so try using your spare change for cleaning tips or landscaping projects.

  • Whiten tile Grout with a whitening pen
  • Install a door step to prevent handle dents on your walls
  • add LED push lights under the kitchen cupboards for budget down lighting
  • Replace a tired, old welcome mat with a clean, new one
  • Fill gaps on doors, windows, or seal around an air conditioning unit with some foam weather strip

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