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Being Prepared For Any Situation

Source: zen.homezada.com | Re-Post Houterloot 9/15/2016 – 

September brings us to the beginning of fall and getting everyone organized for all the upcoming holidays and school year! Along with this time of year, we have an opportunity to get our homes organized and prepared for any situation. September marks National Preparedness Month by FEMA. FEMA is committed to helping people get prepared for any situation but specifically looks at preparing for natural disaster related situations and I help by offering programs that are proactive during the month of September.

And we sure have had a lot of issues this year … wildfires destroying tens of thousands of homes in the West and flooding damaging homes throughout the Central and Southeast United States, hurricanes touching land in Florida and up to the Mid Atlantic states,tornadoes caused by these hurricanes and earthquakes in the central United States. Basically, 40 – 50% of our country has been impacted recently with mother nature’s activities.

So knowing that these situations occur, what can we do to prepare or is there anything we can do? There is…

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