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10 Tips About Painting You Need To Know

Source: zen.homezada.com | Re-Post Houterloot 3/23/2017 – 

Painting a room, a hallway or a whole house can be a fun a project that can give a refresh to the space or change the design with a completely different color. Painting is a low cost and simple approach to redesigning or remodeling a space. There are simple tasks that you will need to perform prior to painting a space. These tips will help you understand what you need to do prior to pick out your color.

Keep Away from Walls

To get started on your paining activities, you will need to move all the furniture away from the walls. And you will need to cover the furniture to protect it from splatter. Removing all the paintings, prints, photos and all wall art from your walls will also make it easy to get your home painted uniformly. So now is time to remove all the items from around or on your walls.

Prep Your Space

In addition to moving items away and off walls, you will need to buy some painters tape and cover areas that you do not want painted. If you have trim around windows that you do not want to paint, then using painters tape to mark off the area will make it easier to get paint the area without damaging other areas of the space. You will also need to patch areas of the room that you want to paint. If there is a nick in the wall, add some wall putty. You can find wall repair kits at your local hardware store. Remember to also remove switch plates and doorknobs and other wall mounted light fixtures or at least cover them with painter’s tape.

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