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10 Factors That Impact Your Home’s Value

Source: zen.homezada.com | Re-Post Houterloot 1/25/2018 – 

Have you finally decided to sell your house and move on? I am sure that you have already calculated the approximate amount you can expect for the property, but have you really taken everything into consideration. There is a number of things which can affect your property’s price and home’s value. Keep in mind these ten factors that can influence home and property values. With those that can be fixed, do your math and see whether they are worth fixing.

Location and proximity
This one is as obvious as the fact that the size of the house matters. People usually say that they would like a suburban house because of peace and quiet. But the fact is they do not really want a large house. While your house needs to pretend to be a fortress of tranquility, it still needs to be very well connected to local institutions, stores, motorway entries, airports, railway stations etc.

Parents will always have a look into this first. The convenience of having a school nearby is a must for them. Also, they will check to see what reputation that school holds. If that is not considered to be a good school, the demand for your house will drop, along with its price.

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